Breaking News Green Pass

I would like to ask you a question with some premises.

  • Considering that COVID19 is a sort of global coup d’état, with which the pharmaceutical companies, the financial lobbies, want us all sick and all inoculated with experimental gene treatments, the so called “Vaccines”.
  • Considering that the World Health Organization, and the United Nations, are in fact criminal organizations, directly dependent on their hidden funders.
  • Considering that politicians all over the world have been blackmailed, or even worse bought out en masse, and they obey the orders of the world regime, which wants to shut down all our activities, cut our pensions, implement the so called “Great Reset”.
  • Considering that opposition has been crushed down and erased, with the complicity of a censorship never seen before in the modern age, on all social media, newspapers and televisions.
  • Considering the push for illegal immigration, as a weapon of division and destabilization of our societies.
  • Considered the BLM movement, and its critical race ideology, promoted in unison by the new establishment, as a weapon of social division, to incite blacks against whites, and turn us against each other.
  • Considering that next Autumn will be devastating, for businesses and for the economy, and that to prevent riots they will surely impose a new lockdown, with the excuse that someone will catch the seasonal flu.
  • Considering the slaughter of perfectly healthy people, brainwashed to the point of getting in line to be injected with experimental mRNA drugs, and dying by the tens of thousands, and being paralyzed and debilitated, by the hundreds of thousands.
  • Given the criminal propaganda with which doctors have falsified the safety data of experimental mRNA drugs, and push to inject them even into pregnant women, causing a new massacre of the innocents, with 82% of abortions within the first three months of pregnancy.
  • Considered the horror of the green pass, promoted with the exact same methods of the badges of infamy, imposed by nazism on jews, homosexuals, disabled, and gypsies, subjected to ghettoization, and to state hate campaigns, in the name of persecution of the “Different”.

Are you still thinking where you will go on vacation?

Or maybe how to prevent these criminals from taking over all that is left of your freedom, your life, your future?

Let’s take action. Let’s take action now. We are the majority.

They have created a repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices. Please understand. They’re safe as long as they’re not discovered, that’s their primary method of survival. Keep us asleep, keep us selfish, keep us sedated..