🔞 Game Over 🔞

Year 2023, it’s your fault alone that the whole world has turned into a horror video game.

It’s because of your false “Pacifist morality”, it’s because of your hallucinations induced by the system in the form of “Laws and rights”, it’s because of your daily surrender disguised as hypocrite “Resistance”, it’s because of your petty slaughtering each other for two miserable crumbs fallen from the table where the Masters of the World feast every day.

If there really were Men born Free, nothing would stop them, no barricade erected by the Regime, no piece of legal toilet paper written by the Regime’s minions, no hypnotic signals emitted by the Regime’s antennas.

They stopped you, YOU SURRENDERED, because you were born slaves, as slaves you will be treated for your whole life, and slaves you will die. GAME OVER.

«The future is a dive out the window,
security is a bullet in the head.
It’s time to be insane and die»

This is the song of the Regime.