Terror Horror Domination

Source: 3Teeth [1]

The eternal battle for the domination of the World goes on. In 2022, the Masters of the World sent 200 billions $ to Ukrainian terrorists.

200 billions $ that have been used to slaughter hundreds of thousands of innocent victims in the Russian Donbass.

200 billions $ that have been mostly stolen by the fucking terrorists who control the terrorist oligarchy holding Ukraine as hostage, with the solemn blessing of the anti-pope anti-Christ NWO.

200 billions $ which, if distributed among the world’s poor, would have significantly improved their lives on the brink of survival.

  1. USA: $
  2. EUROPE: $
  3. UK: $
  4. GERMANY: $
  5. JAPAN: $
  6. POLAND: $
  7. FRANCE: $