Covid Vaccines in Vegetables and Milk

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We have no more escape. The World Regime is going to contaminate fresh vegetables, milk and yogurt with experimental gene treatments. Checkmate. Even the last resistant will be poisoned, sterilized and killed, including very young children with a relevant milk daily requirement.

You’ve been waiting, you’ve been watching, and now all that’s left is to die. Goodnight folks.

* * *

In two months fresh tomatoes will be harvested in this pot. You’ll get vaccinated against COVID19 by consuming them.

“If we consume this ripe tomato, it enters our stomach. In our stomach the cells of the tomato are split, an antigen is formed inside the cells”.

Scientists of the Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics under the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan have been working on the vaccine since January.

“We took the Coronavirus found in Uzbekistan, cloned a part of the crown, and inserted it into the plant cell. We have tested and found that the vaccine is actually released from the plant cells”.

The practice of vaccination through food, according to the expert, it is used in products such as milk and corn in Russia and Canada, their clinical trials have also come to an end.

“In Canada will be taken on a plate of corn, in Russia with Biokefir (probiotic), it will be taken in dairy products. If we consume it in yogurt, it passes through our stomach into the intestines, and as a result of the absorption of antibodies in the intestines, and the functioning of the immune system there, we develop immunity against Coronavirus”.

Products such as tomatoes, melon and cucumbers were not chosen by chance. They are not heat treated. When products are cooked at high temperatures, the antibody-producing vaccine breaks down.

Minister of Innovative Development Ibrahim Abdurahmanov said that another project is underway to develop vaccines, “With the participation of the International Center for Molecular Allergology, in collaboration with the University of Vienna, we have a big project underway. When a cow is vaccinated with Coronavirus vaccines immunoglobulin A is produced in her milk. If this milk is drunk without pasteurization, immunoglobulin A in milk fights Coronavirus in the body”.

This consumption vaccine, according to officials, is one of the two vaccines included in the WHO candidate list.