COVID Vaccines
Adverse Reactions and Effects on Women and Babies

Watch this video, get informed, and take action to share it with all your friends. It’s essential that as many people as possible do not let themselves be deceived, by the worldwide disinformation campaign. It is not true that “Vaccines are safe!”. And the race against time, to “Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate, a needle in every arm!”, is actually a global operation against Humanity.
The latest findings on the damage caused by the experimental gene treatments, improperly called “COVID19 vaccines”, are shocking. These are real biologically active weapons, in particular the Spike toxic protein, which attacks all the organs of your body, and hits women, and fetuses in their womb, with particular hardness.
The adverse reactions to “COVID19 vaccines” are real. Hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions, more than all the vaccine adverse reactions recorded in the last 30 years. Mainstream media is censoring them, because they want to inoculate as many people as possible, before the devastating medium and long term damage gets discovered, including death, a horrible death.

It’s a drug that damages all organs.

The American CDC states, “It is not possible for any of the vaccine components to accumulate in body’s tissue, or organs, including the ovaris”.
It’s a lie. Pfeizer-BionTech itself, released its pharmacokinetic study (PF07302048), which shows that within the first 48 hours, there is a worrying accumulation, in the liver, in the spleen, in the adrenal glands, and in the ovaries. And after 14 days the reported Spike toxic protein concentration, is still at 25% of the maximum peak. It takes 6 weeks for complete disposal.
The American adverse reaction surveillance system, the CDC VAERS, updated to June 25th 2021, confirms that 35% of deaths from “COVID19 vaccine”, are concentrated in the first 48 hours, and 60% of deaths in the first 7 days. Just a coincidence? Think about it. 35% of COVID19 vaccine deaths are within 48 hours, the same 48 hours by which the Spike toxic protein accumulates, at dangerous levels, in all the main organs of your body.
The Pfeizer-BionTech study was conducted in rats, which have a very short lifespan (about 2 years), and an accelerated metabolism (1 “Day of life of a rat” is equivalent to 30 “Days of life of a man”). Complete disposal of the Spike toxic protein, in a human being, therefore translates into a much longer period. It will take years. And as the Spike toxic protein circulates throughout your body, for years, the damage becomes chronic, and irreversible. It can cause paralysis, thrombosis, stroke, heart attack, severe menstrual cycle problems, degenerative diseases of the nervous system, autoimmune degenerative diseases, and Alzheimer’s.
It’s shocking, think about all the politicians, all the journalists, all the doctors on television, who lie to you, every day, claiming that “The benefits of COVID19 vaccines outweigh the risks”. They want to use you as guinea pigs, risking your health, your own life.

It’s a drug that damages women.

The European surveillance system for adverse reactions, the EMA EudraVigilance, data updated to June 26th 2021, confirms that 72.5% of adverse reactions, from “COVID19 vaccine”, are reported by women, regardless of the type of drug used. Women are therefore three times more likely than men, to suffer adverse reactions to the Spike toxic protein, which appears to be focused in attacking the ovaries. Specifically:

  • Johnson & Johnson’s COVID19 experimental gene treatment, AD26.COV2.S, caused 12 777 adverse reactions, 82% in the 18 to 64 age group, 66% in women;
  • Moderna’s COVID19 experimental gene treatment, CX024414, caused 56 331 adverse reactions, 67% in the 18 to 64 age group, 70% in women;
  • Pfeizer-BionTech’s COVID19 experimental gene treatment, TOZINAMERAN, caused 255 715 adverse reactions, 71% in the 18 to 64 age group, 73% in women;
  • AstraZeneca’s COVID19 experimental gene treatment, CHADOX1.NCOV.19, caused 303 763 adverse reactions, 78% in the 18 to 64 age group, 72% in women.

Faced with such data, 456 000 out of 628 000 adverse reactions in women, every single doctor, with a minimum of professional ethics, should have advised women, women of all ages, to avoid any type of inoculation of COVID19 experimental gene treatment. But it didn’t happen. Why? Why all this targeting against women? Let’s listen to the testimony of doctor Peter McCullough.

“There have been nanoparticle studies. There was one from China, published about eight years or so ago, that tested these nanoparticles, and they asked where did they go? And they made a brilliant, nice rainbow of all the organs, where the nanoparticle shower. And they did show that they go to the ovaries, and the adrenals. So the point is, the FDA, Pfeizer, Moderna, J & J, they knew, or they should have known, that these particles are going to hit these vital organs. And then, when they drop their genetic payload, then they’re going to start producing the spike protein, and damaging cells in those organs. So it was not surprising, when young women were ill advised, and took the vaccine, they started having problems with their periods. That was not unexpected!”

It’s a drug that causes abortions.

The American CDC states, “There is currently no evidence that COVID19 vaccination causes any problems with pregnancy, including the development of the placenta. In addition, there is no evidence that fertility problems are a side effect of any vaccine, including COVID19 vaccines”.
It’s another lie. The same study cited by the CDC, denies itself by making incorrect calculations. To better understand the scam, let’s just recap the data mentioned in it:

  • the study has been conducted on 827 women, with confirmed pregnancy, vaccinated with Pfeizer-BionTech, or Moderna, and monitored by the V-safe system;
  • 700 out of 827 women have been vaccinated starting from the seventh month;
  • 127 out of 827 women have been vaccinated within the sixth month;
  • 104 spontaneous abortions has been reported within the third month.

The authors of the article cited by the CDC, have been caught cheating, using the wrong denominator (827 instead of 127), to lower the spontaneous abortion rate of vaccinated women, back into an “Acceptable and natural range” (from 10 to 20%), and push them to “Get vaccinated”.
Using real numbers, instead, you get that the spontaneous abortion rate of “Vaccinated” women, within the third month, is 82%, four times higher than the “Unvaccinated” women. 8 out of 10 babies have been killed by the “COVID19 vaccine” received in the womb. We believe not to overstate by defining these “Vaccines”, a mix between a female chemical sterilization, and an early abortion pill. Let’s listen to the testimony of doctor Peter McCullough.

“In a New England General Medicine paper of pregnancy, women who took the vaccine, the authors concluded it was safe to give the vaccine in pregnancy. Now, no woman carried the baby nine months, because the vaccines haven’t been a lot around nine months. But they looked at different windows of time, and they divided all the pregnancy loss rates, by the largest denominator possible. So it’s really false reporting, when we zeroed in on the first trimester, and just divided by those who got the vaccine in the first trimester, not those who got it later on, there was an 83% loss in the babies. So these vaccines are directly killing babies in the first trimester, and it is absolutely atrocious”.

It’s a shocking truth.

Now you know just a fraction of what the free and independent research has discovered about COVID vaccines, since the beginning of the pandemic. It’s a shocking truth. We no longer have an honest system that places health first. Money has corrupted this system.
Most people who tell you vaccines are great and safe, have a financial interest, or haven’t done the research. Most of the people who are warning you, are survivors of vaccine adverse events, or parents and children who are still suffering from vaccine death of their loved ones.
Stay informed, and don’t let any politician force you into COVID vaccination. They don’t know you, they don’t know your health, and they are purposely ignoring all the vaccine risks, the adverse reactions, and the fatalities.

The human toll is real, this is not some benign reaction. This thing overtakes your body, and you have no choice but to hold on, and hope that you survive.